Based on proprietary big data mining technology and state of the art rules mining algorithms, we have made the best available recommender, both in view of speed and results quality with a unique aspect: that of reservation price estimation.
We enable companies to optimize revenues by “predicting” the customers’ reservation price, based on their history  (behavioral & purchase).

The Problem

Personalization solutions do not provide the best possible recommendations for clients as they :

• fail to take pricing information into account

• never estimate the customer’s “willingness to pay” for an item

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The Solution

“i-Pricer” is an innovative solution, combining a customer’s preferences for goods and their buying readiness at a specific price (reservation price) with high accuracy.

It can be bundled with our top-notch recommender system to form a definitive revenue and return boosting tool.

The 'How'

• Proprietary big data mining algorithms going beyond all currently known techniques, specifically customized.
• Utilizes domain knowledge and is highly parallelizable and distributable in nature.
• State–of –the-art fusion of user-based, item- based, and content-based algorithms achieving 64 times faster response times than the market leader (Apache Mahout) while improving results by a whopping 100%.

An example…

Our Solution in Action

Actual implementation in the Video on Demand industry

Slide background

Visualization of recommendations made, and recommendations actually followed for specific item category.

Slide background

Visualization of the distribution of prices for specific item category.

Slide background

BI tool offers superior flexibility in what queries to visualize: here we show statistics about the revenues and number of specific category and sub-category sales, broken down per item-id.

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Now Trending shows the 10 most trending items with respect to sales, and number of transactions, and can be highly customized as well!

Slide background

Pricing recommendations in action!

Who we Are

Intelprize is an innovative technology startup company, founded from the Athens Information Technology center of excellence for research and education and other private founders. We have extensive expertise in big data rule mining and its applications in several key areas such as recommender systems and content or product personalization.

What we Do

Intelprize is a high-performance computing systems company, delivering price-centric user personalization solutions to retailers.
We enable companies to optimize revenues by “predicting” the customers’ reservation price, based on their behavioral and purchase history.
We deliver actionable price personalization!

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